ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Draconian - A Rose for the Apocalypse

Swedish sextet Draconian, is one of the most monumental groups in the gothic metal scene. Every last record that the group has released proceeded to astound their audiences and cultivate the band's following further than the last. However, their 2011 fifth full-length album, "A Rose for the Apocalypse," is certainly their darkest and most efficacious record yet. Every single track lurks between the graceful and the sinister realms within the shadows. The deathly growls underline the brutality of the dark guitar riffs and the simple yet robust drum work, creating a foundation for the band's doom metal territory. Lisa Johansson's suave yet powerful singing, however, is the greatest highlight that this masterpiece has to offer, lacing the music with more sorrowful yet transcending melody, further supported at times by the howling guitar melodies. Despite there being a few instances where orchestral elements are used to outline the epic nature of this record, the simple lineup of vocals, guitars, and drumming are enough to conjure the potent gloom and drama. "A Rose for the Apocalypse" is a truly bleak marvel that traverses that proves the Draconian has officially mastered the darkness, in both heaviness and beauty.