ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Misery Signals - Controller

Canada's Misery Signals, while not an actual pioneer of the melodic metalcore genre like As I Lay Dying or Killswitch Engage, is a group that really brought this genre to a new light. In 2008, their third full-length "Controller" cemented that legacy. Gleaming melodies intertwine with dark riffs to construct a deep, and steadily-paced yet sonic atmosphere, while the incredibly solid drum-play supplement even more potency to the music. On top of all of this, when vocalist Karl Schubach is not uttering his robust growls, he sings with a mellow yet resonant tone, adding more powerful melody for the album. "Controller" is a fine addition to any fan's collection of melodic metal and hardcore releases, combining beauteous melodies with heavy-fisted hardcore to show what happens when you connect the light with the darkness.