ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Veil Of Maya - The Common Man's Collapse

Since forming in 2004, Veil Of Maya gradually became one of the largest titans in the modern technical deathcore genre, and this truly started with the band’s second full-length, “The Common Man’s Collapse” in 2008. After becoming one of the first bands to be taken under the wing of Sumerian Records, along with The Faceless and Born Of Osiris, the quartet brought forth this record to unleash raw and progressive deathcore tracks. Potent polyrhythms and breakdowns weave together with wild melodies and rapid blast beats to generate technical yet powerful music. The growls and high-pitch vocals demonstrate raw and unrelenting energy, and accommodate perfectly with the aggressive tunes. Michael Keene, a member of The Faceless and the producer of this album, gives the album's a crisp yet somewhat unrefined and rough sound, emphasizing the record's punchiness splendidly. Balancing between technicality and solidity, "The Common Man's Collapse" is truly the release that boosted this incredible quartet's career in the realm of modern deathcore.