ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Trigger The Bloodshed - Degenerate

British quartet Trigger The Bloodshed has cemented itself to be one of the most violent and destructive icons in the modern death metal genre, and in no way do they portray this better than in their 2010 full-length "Degenerate," combining some technical death elements with sheer titanium brutality. Jonny Burgan's vehement roars and growls are both raw and unrelenting, and the guitars possess a range from brutal riffs to nightmarish solos without any excessive noodling, making the band's deadly formula all the more effective. The drums are simply devastating, because even when they're not putting a machine gun to your ears with their rapid-fire blasts, the sound of them simply rolls over the album's audience like a monstrous tank (Like the one depicted in the cover). However, the versatile musicianship is not all "Degenerate" should be praised for; in fact, what makes this album so violently memorable is its speed and atmosphere. Segments transition at the right moments in a clever act of dynamicity, keeping the audience invested. The production also does a great help for this release for how resonant and thunderous it makes the instruments sound, giving the music a very thick and stormy atmosphere to it. Simply put, this record is not a kind one, and every track has a deep craving for crushing its listeners. This album may very well be as dark and ugly as modern death metal can get.