REVIEW: Terracide - Primordium

Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Date of Release: February 17, 2013


Washington D.C. is a place that is shown to be a location of a decent sleuth of famed metal and hardcore acts, including Darkest Hour and Animals As Leaders. Terracide is one of the newest additions to this roster, having formed very early in 2013. They are a quartet founded by vocalist and guitarist Daniel Tidwell, and also consisting of guitarist Josh Winn, bassist Wayne Courtright, and drummer Mike Lumer. Soon after forming, the group entered Tower Studio to have their newest release recorded and mixed with the help of French producer Brett Caldas-Lima, who has also worked with bands such as Xerath and Shannon. The end result is the band’s debut EP entitled “Primordium,” which contains three tracks that will mark the group’s first footsteps into the metal realm.

Starting off, the musicianship and production both hold up quite well. The vocals possess a decent range stretching between higher-pitched screamed vocals and some potent clean singing, and they are overall done nicely. Although the harsh vocals do tend to be a little monotonous throughout the album, they are nonetheless decent. The guitars also play their part greatly, demonstrating some powerful and robust melodies, complete with some occasional solos. The drums also fare well in this EP, being rather fast-paced and teeming with loads of energy, along with the previously noted elements of musicianship. The production is another positive point for the release, where everything in the instrumentation is both audible and crisp. As a whole, both the musicianship and the sound production are done nicely in this starting effort.

In this record’s three tracks, “Primordium” is packed with a modern fusion of melodic death metal and metalcore. On a frank perspective, the music itself is generic, and does not offer much innovation or intrigue in terms of the melodic metalcore genre. However, with that in mind, just because something is generic does not necessarily mean it is by any means a bad release. In fact, the genre is displayed well in this EP. There is a ton of vibrancy to be found in this short release, and each song is designed to hit its listeners hard with some potent helpings of melodic metal. All in all, the formula does succeed, and it likely would get a live crowd moving with its energy. However, that isn’t to say all of “Primordium” is pure, aggressive melodic metalcore, because, while they are far in between, there are a few softer moments where the record can just breathe, and, as a result, make the melodic punches even heavier. Overall, despite the fact that the melodic metal tunes to be found here are undeniably generic, they are nonetheless quite enjoyable.

In terms of lyrics, this EP appears to deal with subjects along the lines of epic mythology and history. The overall tone of them is rather positive and uplifting, but this sadly does lend to the lyrics being a little cheesy at certain times, including the lines “We are the bringers of our destiny” and “I am your shield, your sword, your guide.” Even so, however, they do nonetheless hold up nicely, and their vigorous nature is boosted by the enthusiasm behind the screaming and the singing of these lines. As well as both instrumentally and musically, the release fares well in terms of its lyrical content.

“Primordium” has proven to be a solid and very promising first step forward for this new band. Everything in this brief release is generally done well, despite the flaws. The musicianship is well-showcased, and the sound production makes every element of this instrumentalism stand out well without loss of focus. The melodic cross between metal and hardcore, while rather pedestrian, is performed well in terms of energy, dynamic, speed, and rather gripping hooks peppered throughout the release. On top of all of that, the lyrics are written decently, and the positive mood behind them is reinforced by the vigorous vocals. With all things considered, this EP has turned out to be a solid and enjoyable debut. As stated earlier, if you are in search of innovation within the melodic metalcore genre, you sadly will not find much here. On the other hand, however, if you are a fan of the said genre and are hungry for a dose of some energetic and potent metal, then you should give this album a shot. Overall, although “Primordium” has its fair share of issues, it’s a nice place to start for this group. 

Score: 7.5/10 (Solid+)