THE ART GALLERY: Boris - New Album (非)

Japanese drone/experimental rock trio Boris is a group that really knows its way around fusing multiple genres. Among its roster includes drone, psychedelic rock, pop, electronic rock, experimental metal, stoner rock, the list just seems to go on for almost an eternity. However, the best of what this band has had to offer in this bizarre musical mix thus far is their 2011 full-length oddly named "New Album." Accompanying this release, however, is not just the blissfully psychedelic blend of music genres, but also some beautifully strange cover artwork done by Japanese digital artist 非.

In terms of the sounds that Boris conjures up in this fine release, the album artwork shown above accompanies the music perfectly in how psychedelic and bizarre it is. The main focus of the picture appears to be a girl, but other elements, such as the eye on the left of the cover and the melting effects and the flowers all fuse together with that figure to generate one of the most bizarrely gorgeous sights for any viewer to behold. Nothing is jumbled either, and every element ties together with each other perfectly, as with the music, which takes on many different subgenres of metal, rock, and even pop, and it is the perfect artistic accompaniment to this experimental record.

's Tumblr: http://xhxix.tumblr.com/