THE ART GALLERY: Promethee - Nothing Happens. Nothing Comes. Nothing Goes. (Tom Bates)

Tom Bates is known well in the metal scene for both his musicianship and his artwork. He was the frontman of British technical death metal group The Boy Will Drown, and is currently making artwork for clothing design, posters, tattoos, and album covers. One of his clients is Swiss melodic deathcore/metalcore band Promethee, a band that is slowly but surely obtaining fame among the metal and hardcore fans. Their debut full-length release in 2012, “Nothing Happens. Nothing Comes. Nothing Goes.” not only cemented this growing legacy with the band’s raw and potent metal tracks, but it also showcased some awesome artwork, courtesy of Bates himself.

The highly detailed and gorgeously framed cover shows a violinist woman who appears to be either decaying or crumbling away. The crumbling effect is greatly helped by the color scheme only consisting of pale and dark shades of blue, making the figure, along with the overall artwork, seem statue-like. It also contributes to the possible symbolism and meaning behind the cover. The album’s title, “Nothing Happens. Nothing Comes. Nothing Goes.” refers to things in the world that never change and eventually waste away, having not been able to adapt to today’s generation, and this cover captures that meaning well. Along with being a great sight to behold, the cover artwork also holds some very realistic meaning behind its ornate design.

Tom Bates' Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artoftombates