ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Horseback - Impale Golden Horn

Horseback is easily among one of the greatest projects to represent the drone/experimental music genre, releasing such hits as "The Invisible Mountain" and "Half Blood." However, the release that supposedly began this legacy would be the project's debut 2007 release "Impale Golden Horn." From a glance, this masterpiece seems quite short in length, spanning to only four tracks. However, as it turns out, each track lasts from roughly eight to seventeen minutes long, but not a second is wasted on the beauteous soundscapes that they have to offer. The common tone between these tracks is that they are very relaxing and positive, and this makes room for some invigorating sounds. From the pleasant electric guitar melodies to the synthesizer to Heather McEntire's (Un Deux Trois) angelic singing in "Blood Fountain" to some electronic effects, all elements of musicianship in this album really bring out some very slow but entrancing melody. Being a very ambient release, the tracks don't necessarily have any rhythm to it, so they are much more soundscapes more so than anything else. However, each song is structured and built-up brilliantly, increasing in instrumentation as the songs tread on, giving the album a nice, suave sense of dynamic so it's never short of engaging. It's a splendid and majestically atmospheric release, and, the uplifting moods the album brings combined with the raw and dark tracks of "Forbidden Planet" make for a wondrous duo compilation known as "The Gorgon Tongue."