ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Loss - Despond

Are you in the mood for some cheery tunes? Are you feeling glum and want to listen to some happy music to lighten up the spirits? Then "Despond," the first full-length record of Tennessee metal group Loss, is not the best option. Every drop from this album reeks of pure despair, hence it's name, and is composed of a sluggish mix of doom metal with hints of death and sludge. Nothing about this album is pleasant, from the incredibly deep vocal growls to the depressive and slow guitar play to the album's thick atmosphere.  Despite the record's slow speed, its depressive fabric manages to keep listeners engaged in how spine-chillingly dark it is. To rephrase the first question in this article, are you in the mood for some of the most dreaded music in the death-doom metal genre? Then this is an album to go to.