THE ART GALLERY: Meshuggah - Koloss (Luminokaya)

There is no doubt that "Koloss" is by far the grandest release that Swedish technical death metal giants Meshuggah has set on air. The distinct tracks, the greatly built song structures, the hypnotizing polyrhythms, and the overall stellar musicianship definitely lifted this album into heights of being one of the greatest that 2012 had witnessed the release of. On top of all of this, the artwork, as shown above, is quite unbelievable. It is a masterpiece done by the Luminokaya Lab, which specializes in digital artwork, as well as airbrushing. This particular piece apparently took nine months to complete, which definitely shows in how extremely detailed it is in its textures and design. From the giant figure in the center to the four heads polarized on each side of the cover to the metallic-colored serpents hanging directly below them, this cover has many things to look at, and yet it remains focused, thanks to both the color scheme and the fact that the figure, or the "Gateman," is clearly the main element of the picture. Speaking of which, the "Gateman" depicted in the cover may represent some sort of god-like being. However, as stated by the band's drummer Tomas Haake, "The artwork speaks for itself." The artwork is simply enormous, fitting for an album entitled "Koloss," and it accompanies the heaviness and darkness of the music very well. Along with demonstrating how Meshuggah is one of the greatest kings of their genre, this record comes to possess one of the most stellar pieces of digital art covers you will ever come across.

Luminokaya's Website: http://luminokaya.com/