ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic

"New Junk Aesthetic," the fifth studio album of renowned New York group Every Time I Die, is by far one of the most powerful, violent, and versatile hardcore albums out there. Every track here leaves its bruises on its audience with its whirlwind of hardcore and punk rock with hints of southern. There are so many gripping moments, ranging from crazed punk anthems to the crushing raw hardcore, and they are laid out in the songs so well that it's quite difficult to not be sucked into its destructive fabric. The music balances between violence and melody brought on by southern-influenced riffs to the explosive hardcore vocals, bringing a sense of diversity to it. On top of all this, the lyrics are also great, telling of internal conflicts and struggles in such a powerful and chaotic manner that it's hard not to sing along to them, especially with the album's best, "Wanderlust." From the instrumentation to the music to the lyrics, "New Junk Aesthetic" is a brilliant release that is recommended for anyone even remotely attached to the metal and hardcore genre.