ALBUM OF THE WEEK: SubRosa - No Help for the Mighty Ones

"No Help for the Mighty Ones," the debut full-length album of Salt Lake City quintet SubRosa is one awe-inspiring specimen of the sludge-doom genre. From the musicianship to the raw, murky production to the powerful song structures, this record is one that is bloated with bleakness, but still carries so much emotion. The atmospheres brought on by the mixing. buzzing guitar melodies, and slowly marching drums create a realm for the audience to become attached to. Meanwhile, the raw yet graceful singing looms around the music to tell tales of gloom and chaos. The violins are also another highlight, because they add more of an ambient feel for the record, making it all the more engaging. "No Help for the Mighty Ones" is an ugly but beauteous record not to miss out on, especially for the doom fans out there.