THE ART GALLERY: Locrian - The Clearing & the Final Epoch (Brian Ulrich)

"The Clearing & the Final Epoch" is a two-disc compilation that is great for anyone craving for some haunting and ambient drone tracks, courtesy of Locrian. However, accompanying these dark, atmospheric soundscapes is some fittingly vast and unsettling album artwork by photographer Brian Ulrich. First off, the emptiness of the pictures for this release definitely is the picture painted by the wide atmosphere of the music. On top of that, the lighting also helps in giving the artwork a sort of ghastly feel to it, which also fits the tracks. It envelops the album's content very well, and it couldn't be more suiting to its musical darkness.

It could easily be depicted as an image of a post-apocalyptic scene, with its desolate look. This  is shown by the rustiness of the walls and the random graffiti, showcasing a very abandoned and lonely place. With its vastness, atmosphere, and rather gloomy nature, Ulrich unveils one of the more enigmatic art pieces one can find in metal and ambient music.

Brian Ulrich's Website: http://notifbutwhen.com/