REVIEW: A Night In Texas - Invigoration

Genre: Technical Death Metal/Deathcore
Label: Skull & Bones
Date of Release: May 31, 2013


Deathcore is a genre that lately has been turning out to be a rather flat sea of bands that follow the typical blast-beat and breakdown formula. Because of that, it is a tad uncommon to find groups within this musical genre that manage to break this mold and create something very interesting. Australian quintet A Night In Texas is one of these rarities. They started in 2009 from Cairns, Queensland and released a demo in 2010. Afterwards, they were signed to Skull And Bones Records (Shinto Katana, Resist The Thought), and would subsequently release their debut EP in 2013 entitled "Invigoration." Although this group is still somewhat at its first steps, this small release proves that it unveils not only potential.

To begin, the musicianship is rather breathtaking. The death metal vocals are especially powerful, brandishing a heavy range between ferocious growls and high-pitched screams. Even though they are quite typical-sounding in terms of deathcore, they hold up incredibly well nonetheless. Next up is the guitar work, which is definitely a highlight of not just the musicianship, but of the entire album as well. They can shape-shift from intriguing yet pummeling riffs to low, brutal chugs for the breakdowns, creating some great diversity. Much of the memorability comes from some of the notes that the guitars play, making way for an impressive performance without noodling. On top of that, the drums are great, too, with immense speed and sheer technicality to keep listeners engaged. All things considered, the musicianship in "Invigoration" is excellent.

Alongside the musicianship, the production is also done very well. There is a lot of atmosphere brought to the music in how resonant everything sounds, and it absorbs listeners into the album's chaos. At the same time, though, the elements of the instrumentation sound crisp and explosive, serving as another reason why the production really functions here. The mixing of this album comes to ultimately make the music even more enjoyable than it already is.

"Invigoration" is a five-tracked record composed of the complexity of technical death metal and the utter brutality of deathcore. This formula takes flight very well, even though it is a tad generic. There is so much speed, vigor, and violence throughout the course of the EP that it's rather difficult not to be attracted to all the calamity. On top of that, there are so many memorable parts laid out in the record, an example being the title track. It chimes in with electronic noise that builds up and then immediately explodes into a crazed fit of rapid technical deathcore. This album is filled with great tidbits such as that, and it makes the listener want to proceed further. Hence the album's title, the brutal music has some great vigor and violence to make it a compelling release.

As the group's first EP, "Invigoration" is a strong step taken by a rising act, and it proves to be a rather fresh breath of air for the deathcore genre. Every aspect of it, from the musicianship to the song-writing, is carried out very well in spite of any notable flaws. The music is highly investing for its velocity and fierceness, and it's peppered with many gripping moments. Overall, it's a great listen. Technical deathcore fans should give this EP a shot, as well as anyone new to the genre. It's been made clear that A Night In Texas is a band to keep an eye on.

Score: 8.5/10 (Great+)