ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Everything in Slow Motion - Red

Up from the ashes of atmospheric hardcore group Hands comes out Everything In Slow Motion, by which the same music is orchestrated under a different moniker. On top of that, this music is as breathtaking as ever, inviting to both old followers and newcomers. This is evident in the project's first limited edition vinyl "Red," which contains two hardcore tracks. Both are incredibly powerful, down from the music to the lyrics. The hardcore wields awe-inspiring musicianship and songwriting, and every element adds up for a compelling listen. Frontman Shane Oschner's vocals are as strong as ever, with screaming, shouting, and singing that are all equal in terms of high levels of emotion. Along with that, the potent instrumentation of resonant drumming and soaring guitars makes matters all the more enjoyable. The songs both build up greatly and demonstrate instrumental harmony, and every second keeps the listener's attention for the passion and energy behind them. In addition to that, the lyrics are just as grand and empowering, and are in fact some of the most enticing in any record. "Red" is a great sign for what's to come from this reborn project.