ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Circle Of Contempt - Entwine the Threads

Since the release of Finnish progressive metal outfit Circle Of Contempt's stellar debut "Artifacts in Motion," it would be very interesting to see where their stellar sound would go from there. Judging from their subsequent EP from late 2012, "Entwine the Threads," it's only gotten better. Combining technical metal with melodic metalcore, there is energy and progressiveness seeping out of every pore of this short but sweet release, with the help of stellar musicianship. Vigorous vocals, star-striking technical guitars, and complex drum work do a great job in showing off their true colors in this record without any unnecessary noodling. To go along with this great instrumentation is some powerful song-writing, with euphoric melody, sturdy but complex structure, and gripping polyrhythmic sequences, all coalescing into five highly enjoyable technical metal tracks. Every aspect of the EP, from the musicianship to the music's orchestration, is performed greatly. "Entwine the Threads" is a spectacular dose of progressive metal to try out.