REVIEW: Necrotorture - Gore Solution

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Sevared
Date of Release: September 29, 2012


Italian quintet Necrotorture assembled in 2000 from Foggia as Suspiria. This brutal death act sprung into recognition when they released their "Blood Feast" EP in 2006. Years later, their first full-length record "Gore Solution" would be set on the table in 2012, showing that 
the band is well on the warpath.

After approximately six years, Necrotorture's agenda seems to have remained unchanged: Crush and dominate with unrelenting but groovy brutal death metal. This is made very clear in the album's first track "Few Seconds Before Death," hurling blast-beats, gruesome vocals, and violent guitar riffs at the audience right from the get-go. However, there is some great energy put behind the songs, and every second is trying to get listeners to be compelled, and it does succeed.

That doesn't mean that the songs lack substance, however; in fact, there is a handful to admire about the pacing of the tracks, even though it gets a little continual at times. There's never a moment in the album that doesn't keep the listener's attention, which is partially helped by the album's relatively short length.

This album was produced and mixed by Barrett Amiss II and Stefano Morabito (a.k.a. Saul, guitarist of death metal group Eyeconoclast), and they did their job well here. The music sounds raw and ugly, but somewhat polished enough to be audible without losing any of its violent atmosphere.

Though "Gore Solution" is certainly a decent release, it does have a couple issues, the first being that, as stated earlier, it seems to get a bit repetitive at times, so the songs do lose a little momentum. On top of that, there are tracks that are much better than others. This is a bit more of a downside than a legitimate flaw, as none of the tracks are poorly made, but a bit more consistency in impact would have helped out.

In that context, however, the best track out of the roster would probably be "Extreme Measures" for its highly addictive grooves throughout its running time. Other highlights include the rapid-fire "Few Seconds Before Death" and "Chiavica II - Cicala Grind Comes Back" is a nice follow-up to its predecessor.

"Gore Solution" is both a solid death metal release and a nice follow-up to an EP that showcased a lot of potential. Although it gets a little too repetitive at times, this album is nonetheless relatively strong, with tight structure, vigor, and memorability. Death metal fans will probably have a good time listening to this, because this is a pretty fun release. Sick and brutal, "Gore Solution" allows no compromise.

Score: 7.5/10 (Solid+)