REVIEW: Paimonia - Disease Named Humanity

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Label: Humanity's Plague/Exalted Woe
Date of Release: February 13, 2014


Serbian black metal project Paimonia formed in 2011 in Novi Sad, headed by multi-musician Bojan Vukoman. After releasing their first EP "Modern Way of Distraction" the following year, the band went on to unleash their debut full-length in 2014* entitled "Disease Named Humanity."

The musicianship this record demonstrates is quite impressive. Everything from the resonant vocals to the wicked guitar play to the complex drumming teems with potency and expertise. On top of being well-performed, however, the musicianship is also well-utilized. The songs are structured in a way that provides a lot of dynamic and musical talent while remaining concise. In terms of instrumentation and substance, "Disease Named Humanity" manages to succeed on both accounts.

Nikola Pacek-Vetnic, the band's drummer, also did the mixing and engineering for this album. His sound production gives the music a lot of haunting ambiance to make its dark impact even stronger. Simultaneously, though, the mixing balances out perfectly because the profuse amount of atmosphere doesn't compromise the crispness of the vocals and instruments. The mixing is easily one of the "Disease Named Humanity's" most advantageous aspects.

This album's other best element, however, would have to be the its third song "Ruined Form Catharsis," as it demonstrates everything that this release accomplishes to its fullest. It makes a broodingly subtle entrance with some atmospherically depressive guitar plucking, but soon afterwards explodes into a black metal vortex. Its potent levels of dynamic and masterful usage of musicianship definitely make this particular song the best in the record's business.

While there isn't quite enough to this release to render it a masterpiece, "Disease Named Humanity" is still a very well-crafted black metal specimen. It has a lot of atmosphere and great musicianship on top of some very engaging song-writing as well. Black metal fans are firmly recommended to this record, and outsiders of black metal might find something to enjoy as well. Judging from this album, Paimonia is well on their way to creating something else even more diabolical.

Score: 8/10 (Great)

*The album was originally released on December 2013 by Exalted Woe Records as a cassette tape. It was later released in 2014 by Humanity's Plague Productions as a regular full-length CD.