ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Breathing Process - In Waking: Divinity

The Breathing Process is one of the modern metal bands in the music world that really knows how to seamlessly fuse bludgeoning deathcore with transcendent symphonic black metal, and their debut full-length release from 2008, "In Waking: Divinity," is solid evidence. The album demonstrates a tight blend of symphonic metal and deathcore in the form of eleven tracks (Not counting the bonus track "The Treasonist") that fans of either genre will definitely want to try out. The music balances between furious symphonic whirlwinds, complete with melodic riffs and rapid drum play, and slow, crushing breakdowns that certainly will throw fists within the mosh pits. With such a great release as "In Waking: Divinity," it's made clear that The Breathing Process truly made a strong leap into its wondrous successor "Odyssey (Un)Dead."