Inspired by reading Outburn Magazine, I've been writing reviews since late 2011 (My first one ever being 'Towards the Megalith' by Disma). On 2013, after writing for the Spirit Of Metal webzine, I went on to make my own website for music reviews called Metal Jerky. From hardcore to death metal to progressive metal to symphonic metal, I enjoy writing about bands and records of many different genres. Often they're good, sometimes they're bad, and other times they're somewhere in-between. 

As someone who's been listening to metal and hardcore for about a decade now, I believe there's a lot more to these genres than the hails and horns and loud noises that many people associate with them (Although there's plenty of that to go around, of course). There is a lot of art, technique, emotion, and depth to them that makes a lot of albums so great. Favorites include 'Pelagial' by The Ocean, 'Hellbound' by Fit For An Autopsy, 'Weather Systems' by Anathema, and tons more! There are lots of great metal/hardcore albums out there that seriously deserve their due. 

Oh, and some really bad ones include 'Broken Crown Halo' by Lacuna Coil and 'The Beginning of the End' by Acrania. Gotta have some balance, right? 

... Please don't hurt/sue me...

 OTHER FUN[?] FACTS:      

  •  Outside of Metal and Hardcore, I listen to other genres such as orchestral and electronic music.      
  •  As of 2016, I'm currently a second-year college student in architecture and design.       
  •  Outside of writing music reviews, my other hobbies include drawing, drumming, and napping a bunch. 
  •  I enjoy watching some anime every now and then, my favorites including Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Paranoia Agent.      
  •  I also enjoy watching western-animated cartoons as well, such as Steven Universe, Ed Edd n' Eddy, and American Dad.      
  •  My favorite movies include Spirited Away, American Psycho, and Black Dynamite.      
  •  I sometimes like to play video games such as Fire Emblem (6-8), Mortal Kombat X, and the Bioshock trilogy.      
  • I'm generally pretty terrible at eating spicy food... even though I have an unsettling addiction to wasabi peas.