THE ART GALLERY: Monuments - Gnosis (Fall McKenzie)

In 2012, British progressive metal outfit Monuments released their debut full-length "Gnosis," which was nothing short of a decent and enjoyable release. There was a great delivery of potent melodies and destructive polyrhythms that certainly made this record worth at least a spin. However, the music is not all that this album should be praised for; the artwork is also deserving of attention, because of how intriguing and spectacular it is to look at. This piece was done by British artist Fall McKenzie, and as you can see, it is some stellar art to behold.

What makes this cover so great, aside from the design and concept behind it, is the color scheme. The majority of the artwork is done in grayscale, including the human figure that appears to be like a statue. However, a monstrous wave of vivid color streams from the eyes of the figure, with what appear to be planets. The fact that roughly three-fourths of the cover are done in gray gives this coloring a very explosive contrast, making it a lot more compelling to look at.  On top of that, the wave itself is simply gorgeous, showing these graceful lights and streams of color and cosmology, and that alone is a great sight to behold. The look and color scheme of this artwork is what truly makes it shine.

Along with being an awe-inspiring spectacle, the artwork also showcases some intriguing meaning. The album's title, "Gnosis," refers to knowledge of spirits and mysticism, and this cover accompanies well with that idea of knowing. It represents one's vast knowledge and understanding of the nature of things, with the planets described earlier showcase cosmology. In addition, the vividness of the colors can also show how much just one individual can know, learn, or comprehend, spreading into a rainbow of these different subjects and matters, whether it be mathematics, science, etc. In conclusion, this artwork is very interesting and somewhat provocative, and to top it all off, it is simply a wondrous image to view.

Fall McKenzie's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FallMcKenzieArt