ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

Even though Salt Lake City sludge quartet Gaza has been put to rest as of 2013, they have at least went out with a bang with their third full-length release "No Absolutes in Human Suffering." It's a record that loves to show no mercy to its victims with how thick, dark, violent, and murky the band's metallic assault is here. From the trashy drums to the crunching guitars to the ferociously tortured vocals, the musicianship alone is enough to bring the chaos. However, the musicianship is not the only thing to be feared in this record; the fusion of sludge metal and hardcore is simply unrelenting, fast or slow. The atmosphere in the steadier-paced parts and the sheer vigor in the faster parts makes way for a versatile dose of raw brutality. This is as nasty as hardcore could possibly get.