To celebrate Metal Jerky's 2nd Anniversary, I give you a video compilation of the best albums of 2014!

2014 was yet another great year for metal, hardcore, and rock music, but out of all the records I’ve listened to, I’ve found 20 albums in particular that really stand out among the rest. Since there are a lot of albums that were released over the course of 2014, it’s pretty inevitable that I will end up missing a few really good ones, regardless of the number of albums I’ve actually listened to (And there’s a lot of those, trust me). 

Whatever the case, I'm hoping to maybe introduce to my audience some great and notable albums that are seriously worth checking out. This is a rather slow-paced video, so it can be listened to in the background as well as a playlist (Don't worry, it's still watchable XD); whether you choose to watch the video, listen to it, skim through it using the time bar, etc. Whatever you may get out of this video, I hope you enjoy it, and Happy 2015!! :D