Hello, everyone! Miguel here, with a couple things to bring you up to speed on:

Firstly, I'm at college right now, and work has been a bit crazy for these past couple of months, hence the lack of reviews as of late. Architecture is a field remarkably demanding of time and energy, so it is a little tough to have those two elements to make a review upon. Regardless, I'll try to post an album review on a regular, weekly basis depending on my work schedule.

The second (and last) subject is a bit more specific towards my reviews in general: Any album from the past five years is now legible for a review!

So, for an example, once 2016 hits the stage, albums from as early as 2011 may get an article (This does NOT apply to review requests). Up to now, I've only reviewed albums from the current year with very few exceptions, but there are certain records from previous years that I've really wanted to write about for some time (In fact, this weekend's review is going to be one of these!)

Mind you, most of my reviews will still be of albums from the present year; maybe every two or three reviews, I will write about a release from an earlier time. On top of that, review requests will be limited to the current year.

A huge thank-you to my readers and subscribers, and have a happy rest of 2015!

-Miguel C.