THE ART GALLERY: Horseback & Locrian - New Dominions (Denis Forkas Kostromitin)

In late 2012, Horseback and Locrian, two great experimental/drone bands released a split album entitled "New Dominions," where the groups coalesced to create dark, haunting, and incredibly ambient tracks that are begging to be played in an empty, haunted house. However, aside from the music itself, another aspect of this record that is definitely praiseworthy is the album artwork, done by Russian artist Denis Forkas Kostromitin. The artwork, at first glance, seems to depict a large palace located in the midst of some vast field. The palace alone is a captivating sight, with an archaic style back by the somewhat blurred textures and lines with the smoke erupting from it. The fact that it is placed in front of a vast atmospheric background of an empty valley makes the icon stand out even more. However, if you look closely to the bottom of this piece, you will find a rather unexpected sight: Buffaloes, which appear to be fused to the castle itself. 

This artwork not only looks wondrous and clicks perfectly with the atmospheric soundscapes of the two drone projects, but it also seems to have some intriguing symbolism behind it. It shows that industrialization, the palace, is beginning to take control over nature and its resources, the buffalo. Products are the cause and result of everyday consumption of natural resources, whether it be wood, livestock, or anything of the sort. As a result, nature begins to slowly decline, with the land itself becoming almost colorless and barren and its resources being used up more and more to fit the needs of mankind. Industrialization is taking its toll on nature itself, and that is how the artwork shown above can be interpreted. A stellar sight that matches with some provocative symbolism and grand, atmospheric tracks, this cover alone is a masterpiece on its own to gaze upon.

Denis Forkas Kostromitin's Website: http://www.denisforkas.com/