THE ART GALLERY: Symphony X - Iconoclast (Warren Flanagan)

"Iconoclast," a full-length release from 2011 by well-renowned group Symphony X, is definitely one of the best power metal albums ever to hit the air. It boasts some stellar musicianship, awesome hooks and melodies, nice dynamic between aggressive and softer moments, and a heavy atmosphere on top of it all. However, with all this being said, the artwork is another element of this record to praise. It is a piece of digital artwork done by concept artist and illustrator Warren Flanagan, who has been known for creating artwork for cinematic hits such as The Incredible Hulk, 2012, and Watchmen. He also has done the artwork for the band's previous release, "Paradise Lost." 

According to vocalist Russell Allen*, this album was meant to portray the darker tone of sound that Symphony X has embraced after their previous works, and it serves its purpose incredibly well. It has a gritty, detailed sci-fi look to it, which definitely sums up the sound of the music itself: Energized but somewhat dark. As for the meaning behind the artwork, it is certainly self-explanatory. An iconoclast is someone who rebels against authority or some publicly-cherished tradition. What is being shown on the album cover is probably the type of thing that these people are targetting, in how the machines, the authority, are creating a cyborg, the drone. Other album artwork in the record's booklet also follows this meaning. Theatrical, grand, cybernetic, and dark, the artwork is a splendor to behold on top of some great metal music.

Warren Flanagan's Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1441367/