ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Contortionist - Exoplanet

The Contortionist is a band moving up the ranks for their potent mix of spacey progressive metal with brutal deathcore, which truly bloomed in their first full-length "Exoplanet." Here, the band touches on both sides of the said spectrum very strongly, with how diverse the tracklist is. On the heavier field, tracks such as "Flourish" and "Exoplanet II: Void" are abundant in terms of both potency and technicality, demonstrating a nice case of balance and brutality. On the other hand, the album also has a surplus of progressive, atmospheric moments, especially in songs like "Axiom" and "Exoplanet III: Light." Both sides are performed greatly, and what ties them together is how euphoric and cosmic the overall album's atmosphere is. "Exoplanet" is a versatile release recommended for progressive death metal and deathcore fans alike.